Wireless Thermostat Remote Control – SKY-1001TH
$ 116,620 valor c/iva




El sistema 1001TH Hand-Held Remote with Thermostatic esta diseñado para ser instalado en cualquier calefactor Aere Modelo HD y PDP de facil instalacion permite controlar el calefactor Remotamente Termostato Incluido en el sistema remoto Programable

  • 1001TH Hand-Held Remote with Thermostatic Control and LCD Display
  • For gas hearth appliances with millivolt valves or electronic spark ignition systems
  • 4-button On/Off/Mode/Set Transmitter
  • LCD display room and thermostat temperature in °F and °C
  • Flame icon and low battery indicator
  • Includes: Receiver with learn function, Snap-On Wall Plate, and 18″ wires with connectors
  • Receivers will learn up to 2 additional SkyTech transmitters
  • 1,048,576 security codes
  • Velvet touch casing
  • All battery operated
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Easy Installation
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