Pinsas Redington Forceps w/ Scissor Hemostat Fly Fishing Tool
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Redington™ Hemostat

Stainless steel with integrated scissors
Multiple-position lock for convenience

The Redington™ Hemostat is designed specifically for fly fishing as the ultimate tool an angler can’t be without. Forceps are 6 inches in length and are constructed of non-glare stainless steel for durability and longevity. The Hemostats strong jaws are perfect for holding, de-barbing, crimping split shot, and smoothly removing even the smallest hook. Redington™ has incorporated built-in scissors with this hemostat for cutting tippet or fly line, along with a premium, three-position closing ratchet-locking system that is safe and secure. Hemostat is precision cut to handle all size hooks. The Redington™ Hemostat is a must-have for anglers that are serious about fly fishing, and every other angler too.