NEW! The GlenDel® Pre-Rut Buck Target
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The GlenDel® Pre-Rut Buck Target

    • Seven times the shooting area of other targets
    • 36″ shoulder height and proportions of a 250-lb. deer
    • Rotating head boasts a set of 150″ antlers
    • Practice with field points, broadheads and expandables
A slightly smaller take on the popular Full-Rut Buck, it stands 36″ at the shoulder and mimics the proportions of a 250-lb. deer. Its oversized, four-sided PolyFusion™ core has offset shooting zones, giving you seven times the shooting area of other targets. Its long-lasting, replaceable core stops field points, broadheads and expandables, and the arrows slide out with one-handed ease. Rotating head includes a set of 150″ B&C antlers. Detailed, lifelike hair for added realism. Weatherproof.
Vital dimensions: 12″H x 12″W x 12″D.