Dispenzador Kegco K309SS-2 Two-Faucet Digital Keg Fridge – Black Cabinet with Stainless Steel Door
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Digital Temperature Control with one of the largest temperature ranges on the market (32-75°F)

  • Convertible to an all refrigerator with two shelves
  • Comes complete with necessary draft beer equipment to tap two kegs
  • Includes Chrome guardrail, Easy Roll Locking Casters, and dishwasher safe Removable Built-in Drip Tray
  • Interior fits one 1/2-Barrel or 1/4-Barrel, two 1/6-Barrel or three Home Brew Kegs

Digital Temperature Control:
It’s digital temperature display and push button control make it easier than ever to set and verify the internal temperature of this beer cooler. Instead of having to guess what temperature a number on a dial will produce, you simply need to press the up or down button to adjust the temperature by one degree. The display can be set to either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Large Interior:
This beer refrigerator has a spacious interior that is large enough to easily hold any full size keg, including Miller kegs, Coors Kegs and rubber kegs. It can also hold up to two 5 Gallon D System kegs or up to three 5 Gallon Cornelius Ball Lock Home Brew kegs, which gives you the option to dispense more than one beer at a time.

Deep Chill Function:
This unit has a Deep Chill function that allows you to quickly cool down a warm keg by forcing the compressor to work continuously for 24 hours. When your keg has reached the desired temperature, press Deep Chill again to return to normal operation.

Converts to a Refrigerator with 2 Shelves:
When you’re not using this unit as a keg cooler, it can be easily converted into a refrigerator for extra storage. The two included adjustable shelves can be spaced far enough apart to hold 2-liter bottles or gallon jugs, and with the wide temperature range available in these Beer Dispensers, you can even use them to store wine!