Bombin G6 Air Venturi G6 Hand Pump 4.500psi
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Why lug a heavy tank into the field or when you go to a match when you can take this lightweight hand pump? The Air Venturi G6 hand pump will change how you shoot. You won’t have a pile of gear you have to take. Just grab the pump- your gun and some pellets- and you’re ready to head out the door. The included accessories let you do your own regular maintenance. No need to ship your pump when a seal needs to be replaced. You’ll have it on hand to quickly swap out the old with the new. You can rebuild it 5 times without missing a beat.

Have you ever seen another hand pump that can pressurize a gun up to 4-500 psi? This one can! The guns that usually require a carbon fiber tank to pressurize them can now be filled with a hand pump. One pump for ALL your PCP guns. How convenient is that?!

Air Venturi G6 Hand Pump Features

  • Pumps to 4500 psi/310 bar (always use the correct pressure rating for your gun)
  • 20″ flexible micro-bore hose (inside a spiral steel cage)
  • Quick-disconnect hose with female coupling
  • Moisture filters
  • Integral manometer (air pressure gauge)
  • Test plug so you can check for leaks
  • Comfortable- ergonomic handles
  • Easily accessible bleed valve
  • Folding footplate
  • Can be rebuilt 5x by user
  • 24.80″ long closed- 43.31 inches long extended
  • Includes accessory pack with spanner wrench and various items for repair and maintenance
  • Two-year warranty