Scanner Para Auto SUPER CAN Universal OBD2
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Main Features:
 1. Work with all 1996 and newer cars & trucks ^^ US Models, European, Japanese, Asian, German, Korean…
 2. Support all five OBD II protocols: CAN Bus (Controller Area Network),       ISO9141-2, ISO 14230 (K WP2000), SAE J1850 PWM , SAE J1850 VPM
 3. Read both Generic and Manufacturer specific Diagnostic Trouble Codes. 
 4. Display the detailed  description of the trouble code on a large all-in-one LCD.
 5. Retrieve pending Diagnostic Trouble Codes even if Check Engine Light is not ON.
 6. Check monitor status, make sure all the monitors completed their diagnostic testing and verify if the repair was completed properly. 
 7. Read Freeze Frame Data, Live Data and Vehicle Information.
 8. Turn off Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) /Check   Engine Light. 
 9. Clear stored codes and reset monitor status.
 10. 9V Internal battery backup for off-car display.
 11. Dimension: 188×82×30 mm
 11. One year warranty.
  Package Includes:
  • TP-180CAN OBD-II Code Scanner.   
  • Data Link Connector (DLC) Cable.
  • User Manual.
  • Software CD.
  • Soft Nylon Case.
  • 9V Internal Battery.
Does this Code Scanner work on my car?
This OBD2 Code Scanner is designed to work on all OBD2 compliant vehicles. It is required by Federal Law that all 1996 and newer vehicles (cars and light trucks) sold in the United States and Canada must be OBD2 compliant and this includes all Domestic, Asian and European vehicles. 

Some 1994 and 1995 model year vehicles are also OBD2 compliant. To verify if your vehicle is OBD2 compliant or not, check the Vehicle Emissions Control Information Label which is usually located under the hood or by the radiator. If the vehicle is OBD2 compliant, the label will state "OBD II Certified". Besides, all OBD2 compliant vehicles must have a 16-pin Data Link Connector (DLC) which is usually located under the instrument panel of the vehicle.