Protector Thermostato Universal Honeywell Ztc100
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Protector Thermostato Universal Honeywell

• Unique double-wall construction provides extra measure of tamper-resistance.
• Used in both new and existing applications.
• Constructed of opaque polystyrene, clear acrylic, or beige painted steel.
• Includes opaque polystyrene wallplate, ring base, guard cover, tumbler lock, two keys and optional Honeywell logo insert.
• Tamper-resistant lock; key cannot be removed unless in locked position.
• All models mount vertically or horizontally on wall or exposed junction box.
• Vents in guard base allow airflow for optimum thermostat performance.

Ancho 14.5cm
Alto 14.5cm
Fondo 6.5cm

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Dimensiones 14.5cm Largo x 14.5cm Ancho x 6.5cm Altura