New PSE Talon Take Down Recurve Bow 50# Right Hand AMO Length 58″
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PSE® Talon Recurve Bow… powerful, beautiful and take – down convenient for the hunt or the range!

A gorgeous Bow with smooth-shooting accuracy and high velocity. It’s here in a wide range of draw weights to fit your strength and style. Effective for hunting and just for the pleasure of nailing the bull’s eye.

A beauty of a Recurve Bow for pure archery enjoyment:

  • The removable limbs have a fiberglass core with Maple laminate on boths sides and a coating of clear fiberglass for even more strength
  • The handle is shaped from block-cut Zebra hardwood
  • Crowned «close to the hand» shelf for easy-handling feel and straighter arrow flight
  • The limb tips are finished with hard Micarta synthetic for durability and an elegant look
  • Comes with a premium Angel Majesty® bow string
  • 58″ length
  • 8″ brace height. 28″ draw.