Manometro Digital Fieldpiece SDMN5 Differential Pressure
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The SDMN5 dual port manometer from Fieldpiece is a simple, affordable, rugged, and highly capable manometer for HVAC technicians. From measuring pressure differentials across a blower to checking gas regulators feeding combustion equipment, the SDMN5 provides techs quick and accurate pressure measurements in a sturdy package.
Product Highlights
• Differential, absolute, and static pressure measurements
• 0.01” WC max resolution for static pressure measurement
• Measurement range of +/- 60” WC
• Up to 200 hours of operation on a single 9V battery
• Field-adjustable zeroing to ambient pressure for highly accurate low pressure readings
• Two 5/16” adapters for reading pressures of inlets and outlets 
This manometer can report highly precise pressure values—down to 0.01” WC for static pressure reads, yet boasts a range of -60.0” WC to 60.0” WC. The SDMN5 combines high precision and wide range with a feature which enables highly accurate pressure measurements: an easily accessible zero adjustment. By allowing the tech to zero the meter to current ambient pressure, the SDMN5 mitigates the effects of temperature change and ambient pressure variation on absolute readings.
The SDMN5 also has features to make the technician’s job easier. These include a low battery indicator, rear magnet for conveniently attaching the meter to a nearby surface, automatic subtraction of the P1 and P2 measurements for real-time differential pressure readings, a measurement hold button, and pressure readings in four different units (inches of WC, mm of WC, mBar, and PSI).
Finally, the SDMN5 comes with two 5/16” adapters for connecting to gas equipment like regulators, so HVAC pros can check inlet and outlet pressures.
What’s in the Box?
• Dual-Port Manometer – SDMN5
• Two 3/16” Tubes with Brass Fittings
• Two 3/16” to 5/16” Tube Adapters – RMA316
• 9V Battery (installed)
• Operator’s Manual