Legends M3 CO2 Grease Gun

Legends M3 CO2 Grease Gun

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Legends M3 CO2 Grease Gun
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The Legends M3 CO2 Grease Gun is a realistic airgun version of the M3A1 variation of this iconic submachine gun that has genuine features and full-metal construction for heightened authenticity. Reaching velocities of up to 450 FPS and with a cyclic rate of 1,025 BBs per minute, it provides shooters with a chance to own a piece of history that is otherwise difficult and expensive to experience.

One of the most unique features on this airgun is accessed by lifting the flip-open dust cover to reveal the bolt, which has a charging hole cut in it to allow a shooter to insert a thumb and pull back to cock the Grease Gun. This is an improvement over the original version of the M3 which used a crank cocking lever, and instead allows the user to simply cock it and then pull the trigger in either full-auto or semi-auto mode for 60 rounds of intense blowback action.

The airgun includes a fixed peep-style aperture rear sight and a fixed blade front sight, both present on the powder burning version. Shooters can expect to shoot approximately 120 BBs (four magazines) after inserting two fresh 12-gram CO2 cartridges. Additional features that lend realism to this CO2 SMG are the collapsible wire stock and the drop free stick magazine, both of which make it look and function in a similar manner to the firearm model.

To get a faithful reproduction of a classic military weapon with a distinctive look and feel and features that make it true to the original historical model, buy a Legends M3 CO2 Grease Gun today from Pyramyd Air.


Legends M3 CO2 Grease Gun

  • .177 caliber
  • Full-auto or semi-auto modes
  • Blowback action
  • Full-metal construction
  • 60-round drop free magazine
  • Max. velocity: 450 FPS
  • Approximately 120 BBs (2 magazines) per full CO2 charge in full-auto 
  • Cyclic rate: 1,025 BBs per minute
  • 3-position manual safety
  • Peep-style iron sights
  • Flip-open dust cover
  • Collapsible wire stock
  • Thumbhole charging slot on bolt
  • Uses two 12-gram CO2 cartridges

Legends M3 CO2 Grease Gun
Legends M3 CO2 Grease Gun
Legends M3 CO2 Grease Gun
Legends M3 CO2 Grease Gun
Legends M3 CO2 Grease Gun
Legends M3 CO2 Grease Gun
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