Fieldpiece SOX2 Standalone Combustion Check Meter
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 Fieldpiece SOX2 Standalone Combustion Check Meter

The SOX2 Standalone Combustion Check Meter checks for % Oxygen, % Carbon Dioxide, Flue Temp, and % Excess Air.
The SOX2 allows you to easily calibrate combustion equipment such as boilers or a furnace to the manufacturer’s specified Excess Air %, CO2%, or O2%. Tuning the Excess Air, CO2, O2 stack temperature and temperature rise to match the appliance manufacturer’s specifications will increase efficiency and help maximize performance and life expectancy of the equipment. Tuning typically involves adjusting the air/fuel ratio.

 For more information, visit our main SOX2 product page. (combustion_check.html)
Click Here for Operators Manual and Specifications
The SOX2 combustion check offers several features and benefits to field technicians:

  • Measurements for three most common fuel types – Natural gas, Propane and Oil #2.
  • Simple operation.
  • Gives you the tests you’re looking for to get the job done quickly and efficiently.
  • Doesn’t include a lot of extra tests, calculations and buttons you don’t need and that get in the way.
  • Fraction of the cost of full-function combustion analyzers. (Suggested trade only $239)
  • Comes with everything you need to measure against manufacturer’s specs. No extras to buy. (See What’s Included)
  • APO (Auto power off).
  • Dual-display. Cycle through parameters. Temperature is always displayed.
  • Four display options allow you to find the data you need. Minimum, maximum, real time and hold.
  • Bright blue backlight for testing in dark areas.
  • Thermocouple calibration pot on front-face of meter for quick adjustments.
  • Quick and easy filter replacement on hand pump.
  • Magnetic hanger so you can hang meter while taking flue gas samples.
  • Rugged rubber boot stands up to the day to day punishment dished out during field service.
  • Ergonomic shape.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Hand pump with filter to isolate dirt and particles.

Thermocouple offset adjustment: ± 3°C (6°F).
Automatic power off (APO) battery saver.
2 channel display (LCD).
Display Back-Light.

Analyzer Directly Measures:
Flue Gas Oxygen Content in %.
Flue Gas Temperature in °F or °C

Analyzer Computes:
When the measured oxygen level is below
Flue Gas Carbon Dioxide Content in %.
Excess Air in %(0 to 400%)

Sensor Type: Highly accurate Oxygen Sensor.
Operating environment: 32°F to 122°F at<75%RH.
Storage temperature: -4°F to 140°F at <80%RH with battery removed from meter.
Battery life: 75 hours(continuous) typical. Low battery indication
Battery: 9V.
Auto off: After 15 minutes.
Accuracy: Stated accuracies are at 73°F ±10°F, 75% R.H.
Dimensions: 7.9”(H) x 2.6”(W) x 1.4”(D).
Weight: approx. 14 oz including battery.

Included Accessories:
AOXP2- Hand pump with water trap
RAOX9- 3 C-clips, 4 filters, 1 O-ring, 1 calibration
ATBF1- Hi Temp k-type thermocouple
9V battery (installed)
ANC1 Case
Operators Manual

Display: 4 digit liquid crystal display (LCD) with maximum reading 9999.
Temperature Range:-58°F to 1000°F (-50°C to 538°C)
Resolution: 0.1°F/0.1°C
System accuracy*: ±(0.6%, +3°F), after field calibration.
Thermocouple Accuracy: (±4°F) on -50°F to 545°F +/- 0.75%, 545°F to 1000°F.
Thermocouple range: -50°F to 900°F (continuous operation range) and up to 1000°F (maximum single exposure use).