Crosman R1 Full Auto BB Air Rifle with Red Dot Sight
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Crosman does it again with the latest addition to its full-auto CO2 BB gun line! If you’re a fan of the wildly popular, fun-to-shoot Crosman DPMS SBR and its successor – the Crosman Bushmaster MPW – then you’re sure to love this full-auto BB slinger, as well. 

Laid out in a flat dark earth colorway with black AR-compatible stock, buffer tube and pistol grip and outfitted with a red-dot sight, this CO2 BB rifle sends BBs downrange at up to 430 fps at a head-spinning 1400 rounds per minute! So, go ahead, decimate every can, bottle and bullseye you can get your hands on. Just remember to buy plenty of BBs because this thing is tough to put down!

The realistic weight, controls and functionality make it a great tool for introducing new shooters to safe and responsible gun handling while familiarizing them with how a real-steel AR-type weapon functions. Between the blowback, recoil and loading/unloading, these guns are about as close to the powder-burners as you can get.

Crosman R1 Full-Auto BB Gun

  • Full/semi auto
  • Customize it with your own AR Stock and or Pistol grip
  • AR compatible Buffer tube
  • AR compatible Pistol Grip
  • Quad Rail forearm for accessory mounting
  • 25 rd drop-free magazine
  • Includes red dot sight
  • CO2 model uses 2 12-gram CO2 cartridges
  • PCP model includes Bulk Fill Adapter, Air Venturi Coiled Remote Line w/ Female QD, and a 13 Cubic Inch air tank