Compass Brunton F-8099 Eclipse Sighting Compass
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Si se sienten atraídos por la aventura, utilice el Brunton Eclipse 8099 avistamiento brújula para mantener el rumbo. Cuenta con un disco magnetizado para rodamientos precisos y tarjetas de referencia que se almacenan dentro de la brújula.

  • Magnetized disc is more accurate than conventional needles and settles quickly for fast, accurate bearings
  • Waterproof field reference cards that store in the compass feature navigational, topographical and survival information
  • Anti-static, liquid-filled? dial with jeweled bearing features 1° gradations to ensure accuracy, sighting mirror? for improved accuracy
  • Ergonomic rubber shoe on bottom of compass grips map surface and is comfortable to hold
  • Declination adjustment? scale allows you to account for the difference between magnetic and true north; scale on base is adjustable to your location
  • Three different clinometers measure slope angles—useful for determining snow slope stability and for surveying
  • Two of the clinometer? scales offer 5° increments; the other offers 1° increments
  • Green, high-definition degrees are easy to read; compass includes built-in magnifier, protective flip-down cover and lanyard
  • Eclipse 8099 compass includes USGS map scale? 1:24,000, ft, Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM?) and mile scales for position accuracy
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