Calefactor Aereo Modine PDP200 200.000BTU Gas Natural
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Additional Information

Model And DescriptionModine | PDP200 Gas Unit Heater | Power Vented | Propeller Fan | Natural Gas Or Propane | 200,000 BTU/HR Ouput
Energy SourceNatural Gas
Voltage220 Volts 1 Phase 50 Hertz (Step Down Transformers Are Available For Other Voltages)
Capacity200,000 BTU/HR Ouput
Product TypePower Vented Gas Unit Heater
Dimensions40.25”H x 25.675”W x 34.75”D
Gas Connection: .50″
Vent Connection: 5″
Weight239 Pounds
Link To CatalogsModine PDP Catalog
Modine PDP Installer’s Guide
Modine PDP Wiring Guide
Warranty1 Year Total Parts Warranty