Bear Archery Authority Compound Bow LH (Zurdo)
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In the Authority Compound Bow, the legendary archery experts at Bear have unveiled the ultimate pound-for-pound performer in shooting. The new Authority brings together the latest Bear technology, decades of bow-building experience, and a DNA-deep commitment to delivering an armload of performance at an unmatched price.

The bow’s easy single-cam smoothness combines with a comfortable let-off to enhance your steady aim. Energy-intense Bear Flared Quad Limbs deliver lethal power, and the tightest, steadiest Zero Tolerance limb pockets yet provide a vibration-free feel. Bottom line, you’ll feel confident shooting this bow.

Check out these other op features of the Bear Archery Authority Compound Bow. For starters, the EZ3 Cams offer an ultra-smooth draw cycle while delivering the speed you demand. Easy draw length adjustments can be made without the use of a bow press, from 24-1/2 to 31-1/2 inches in 1/2-inch increments.

An advanced grip design eliminates hand torque for enhanced accuracy, and tight, high-precision limb pockets match up perfectly with the strong aluminum alloy riser and 6-3/4-inch brace height. Add a 31-inch axle-to-axle length, and it all combines for a peak draw weight of 70 pounds, 80-percent let-off, and 315 feet per second speed. Dual string suppressors round out the smart design. The right hand model weighs a mere 4 pounds.