Barnett Vortex Compound Youth Bow 320 F.P.S
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Barnett® Vortex Compound Youth Bow

This is loaded with the performance and style features equal to many adult bows!

It’s just sized to fit young shooters.

 Here’s the draw of this:

  • Dual cams provide smooth draws with 60-70% let-off
  • 320 F.P.S
  • 6″ draw length adjustability, from 21-27″. Draw weight of 24-45 lbs.
  • Adjustable draw modules for quick, easy changes without a bow press
  • Comes with 3-pin sight, capture-style arrow rest, 2-Pc. 3-arrow quiver and 3 arrows
  • Constructed to ATA / AMO standards
  • Right-hand only.