Air Venturi G4 Hand Pump Air Venturi Hose with 1/8″ BSPP
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Hand pumps are the most convenient and affordable way to charge your
PCP air rifle. There are several features that make it easy to use and lengthen
the life of the pump.


  • Maximum 230 bar (3,335 psi) fill pressure.
  • Ergonomically designed handle with synthetic cover.
  • Built-in moisture trap & a built-in particle filter embedded in one side of
    the handle; the filter traps the moisture and protects your pump & air
  • A compartment in the other side of the handle for spare parts.
  • Precise, built-in pressure gauge (manometer) in the frame to protect it
    from impact.
  • Quick-disconnect & tube locking that makes it easier to transport the
  • Wide footplate with adjustable pumping angle.
  • Includes hose & 1/8 BSPP adapter.


  • Sumatra
  • Evanix
  • Sam Yang PCP Rifles
  • can be compatable with Walther Dominator Air Rifles with Air Venturi Female DIN adapter.