6 Easton Axis Traditional Carbon Arrows Shafts spine 500 600
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These quality, attractive carbon shafts are inspired by Doug Easton’s 1920’s handmade wood arrows. Features a PhotoFusion™ wood-grain finish. Heavy weight, micro X diameter for deeper penetration. Adjustable 75-50gr brass HIT inserts allow more tuning and better broadhead alignment. Constructed of N-FUSED® carbon nano-tubes to increase strength and reduce vibration. Bone color nocks. Compatible with Deep Six™ broadheads, and field points. To use these components you must have Deep Six Inserts.

Available in 600, 500, Sold by the 6-pack or the dozen. Please specify.

Axis Traditional Carbon Shafting Specifics

Spine Point GPI Length Insert Nock Carbon 
600 9/32″ 7.9 30 ½” 75-50gr X E
500 9/32″ 8.9 31″ 75-50gr X F